05 September 2013

Just me... (Outfit of the day)

Be Yourself... 

From top to bottom: Window sunglasses, Zumo blazer (my favorite blazer), 
Life is a joke t-shirt, Zumo black jeans and Fred perry shoes.

Back view

Accessories: Vintage scarf with duck pattern and forever21 bracelet.

I think it is very important to be yourself, and the best thing how you can show who you are is in your outfit. For myself I like even clothes or clothes with subtle little detail. But I always adept some 'dramatic' details, like jewels, nice scarfs, make-up or a print. I can't life without some hysteria or unique touch. It finishes an outfit perfectly.

   What things do you wear to finish your outfit? 

                                                                           Lots of Love - M.

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