29 January 2014


Glitter makes everything better...

As I said in my last post, I'm going to tell you more about the fashion label I work for.
I had a little interview with my employers and want to share that with you guys.
So you can get to know this amazing new label MAISON the FAUX!

This was a little teaser before they launched the brand on the 23rd of january.

MAISON the FAUX is a recently launched label under the creative direction of Hans Hutting and Joris Suk. Both graduated in Fashion Design in july 2013 at  ArtEZ Institute of the arts. It is a brand consisting of a group of young creative, strange, openminded individuals that all come together to take fashion, couture and trash to a next level and create a Couture Fashion House like no one has ever seen before.

MAISON the FAUX is about a new perspective on gender; in the collection Hutting and Suk  investigate a new meaning of masculinity and femininity, with a large dose of humor and self-mockery.
But above all MAISON the FAUX  is about love for couture and craftsmanship and celebrating fashion in all it's strength. 

On the 23rd of january they showed at Mercedes-Benz Fashionweek Amsterdam under the wings of Vodafone Firsts Fashion Lab. Joris and Hans were expecting from Vodafone Firsts Fashion Lab to expose them and show the world all that shines and glitters. They hope the world is ready for them because they are taking over. 

Campaign for the "It's Cleaning day" collection of MAISON the FAUX Photo By Louise te Poele

When I asked them what their first fashion moment was, they answered: 
"The first time we saw glitters, rhinestones and plastic diamonds we felt fashion was in our DNA. We had an instant urge to create and dress man and woman in the most lush and luxurious way."

They live for fashion and the brand and in 2020 they hope to have complete fashion world domination and open the first MAISON the FAUX brand store on Mars and maybe even Venus.

I think they will succeed... 
The show on AFW was amazing. MAISON the FAUX did it in their own way and style and is well received by the audience. 
I'm persuaded that it is important in fashion to do everything in your own way and especially don't go mainstream. And that is one of the strengths of MAISON the FAUX. 

Image of the show at Mercedes-Benz Fashionweek Amsterdam

Image of the show at Mercedes-Benz Fashionweek Amsterdam

Image of the show at Mercedes-Benz Fashionweek Amsterdam (77 models)

I want to thank Joris and Hans for the little interview and wish them all the best! 
If you guys are curious and want more MAISON the FAUX then check out: www.maisonthefaux.com

I'm in love with the brand, the clothes and the whole atmosphere!
What do you guys think? 
                                                                Lots of Love Bitches - M.