02 September 2013

Collecting Memories...

Did you miss me?... 

As you noticed I didn't post anything for 2 weeks. Let me explain you why.

Every year my school has an introduction week for the new student with games, workshops and parties. It's a very nice week were you get to know everyone for the first time and learn a lot about some art branches. The workshops are given by teachers that work in the profession area.

The organisation divide every student in groups, where you are mixed with other department of the school, with that group you share a tent to sleep, do assignments and give presentation. This year I was team leader of one of these groups. I was really surprised to see so many inspiring and artistic people at one place.

Now I let you guys see some nice memories for my little work break.

Red rose (part of the teamleaders outfits), Thank you note form the direction, bracelet to know in with group you are (my group 10), New Look Heels (also part of my outfit), Name tag, Group picture with my darlings and a braided headband.

I really like memories especially the most stupid ones. 
I really enjoyed my second introduction week and will never forget it. 
Did you also had an introduction week of school?   

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