21 August 2013

DIY: Pimp Your Shoes...

Give it the Drama touch.

Everyone has a pair of shoes that fits perfectly but look so boring.
I tried to pimp up my shoes with Dylon textiles paint  (I love to work with that) and nail polish.
With textiles paint you can create a clean color area and with the nail polish you can make a unique pattern. In this post I'll show you how I did this.

The boring grey shoe

Step #1: Put the shoes in the paint

Take a bucket and put the shoes in the bucket with dylon textiles paint, color antique grey

Step #2: Wash out the shoes 

Wash the shoes with clear hot water. Repeat a few times.

Step #3: Create a Pattern

Draw a pattern on the shoes with nail polish. You can do it with any color you want.

Step #4: Dry the nail polish

Let the shoes and nail polish dry in the sun or intervene with your hairdryer, till they're dry.

Step #5: Show off your shoes

When your done put on your shoes and let everyone enjoy your drama shoes. 

I hope my tips and tricks will be use full.
And remember, Life can't have enough drama.
                                                            Lots of Love - M.

19 August 2013

Dress Me #3...

Two weeks to go

With only two weeks to go before school starts, I'm almost done with my summer assignment. On that note I give you a little sneak peek of my work so far.

Detail of Jacket (Blue satin silk and black cotton) 

Detail of jacket and pants (Black cotton and grey faux leather in the pockets)

Detail of collar (Blue satin silk: mixture of the shiny and frosted side of the silk)

I can't wait to show you guys the finished result. 

                                                                          Lots of Love - M. 

18 August 2013

Dramatise yourself...

Forever21 necklace and bracelet, Swarovski ring, selfmade clutch, LV sunglasses and elle magazine

I love my accessories, I think an accessory can give an outfit the necessary drama. 
I also like to mix cheap and expensive things and make it work... 
So these are my accessories for today. 

For me are the most important pieces my handbags and clutches, I can leave the house without anything, except the handbag. 

What is your favorite piece of accessory? 

                                                                          Lots of Love - M. 

17 August 2013

Color my World... (Dress Me #2)

Sometimes you must change the things you find.   

As I said in my previous blogpost about my summer assignment there is on fabric that I've dyed myself.
Now I'll give you a look into that process.

  I did this because sometimes you find a fabric that is totally what you want but in the wrong color.
  Then you can do two things: search for an other one or you intervene.
  And i like to intervene because that's me.

Step #1: Wash the fabric

A beige mixture of cotton and line

Step #2: Giving it a coloring bath

The fabric is immersed in a bath with textile painting (Dylon Antique Grey).

Step #3: Result

The fabric is now grey with a subtle spotted pattern of yellow, blue and magenta 

The result was not exactly what i had in mind but I really like it. 
Sometimes an accident can unpack well. The fabric is now a one of a kind and fits perfectly in my vision of the total outfit. 

What do you think about the changes I did? Or do you have questions about the process? 

                                                                                    Lots of Love - M.

16 August 2013

Dress Me... #1

This summer we have an assignment for school. We have to make a totally styled outfit for ourself.
The outfit has to fashionable and reflect your personality. 

So for my outfit i designed an outfit that is clean and tight, but because it is an outfit for myself, there has to be drama in it, so I assembled little details like a bright color, a dessin (print) and some jewels placed on the fabric.  
Design sketch for the summer assignment for school

For my fabrics I looked around and picked fabrics that totally go with my idea and feeling that 
I want to create.  

From left to right: Fake leather, black cotton that they usually use for costume pants, navy blue satin silk, blue silk bulrush ribbon, black woven wool, silk organza and a mixture of cotton and line (that I colored in this grey with a little pattern). 

I will keep you posted about the process in this segment (Dress me).

    What do you guys think of my design? 

                                                                                    Lots of love - M. 

15 August 2013

Diary Page #1

Enjoy a life full of drama.
A (little black) diary of a Fashion Design student from Belgium, living in the Netherlands.
Prepare for fashion, inspiration and drama.
                                                       Lots of Love - M.