21 August 2013

DIY: Pimp Your Shoes...

Give it the Drama touch.

Everyone has a pair of shoes that fits perfectly but look so boring.
I tried to pimp up my shoes with Dylon textiles paint  (I love to work with that) and nail polish.
With textiles paint you can create a clean color area and with the nail polish you can make a unique pattern. In this post I'll show you how I did this.

The boring grey shoe

Step #1: Put the shoes in the paint

Take a bucket and put the shoes in the bucket with dylon textiles paint, color antique grey

Step #2: Wash out the shoes 

Wash the shoes with clear hot water. Repeat a few times.

Step #3: Create a Pattern

Draw a pattern on the shoes with nail polish. You can do it with any color you want.

Step #4: Dry the nail polish

Let the shoes and nail polish dry in the sun or intervene with your hairdryer, till they're dry.

Step #5: Show off your shoes

When your done put on your shoes and let everyone enjoy your drama shoes. 

I hope my tips and tricks will be use full.
And remember, Life can't have enough drama.
                                                            Lots of Love - M.