17 August 2013

Color my World... (Dress Me #2)

Sometimes you must change the things you find.   

As I said in my previous blogpost about my summer assignment there is on fabric that I've dyed myself.
Now I'll give you a look into that process.

  I did this because sometimes you find a fabric that is totally what you want but in the wrong color.
  Then you can do two things: search for an other one or you intervene.
  And i like to intervene because that's me.

Step #1: Wash the fabric

A beige mixture of cotton and line

Step #2: Giving it a coloring bath

The fabric is immersed in a bath with textile painting (Dylon Antique Grey).

Step #3: Result

The fabric is now grey with a subtle spotted pattern of yellow, blue and magenta 

The result was not exactly what i had in mind but I really like it. 
Sometimes an accident can unpack well. The fabric is now a one of a kind and fits perfectly in my vision of the total outfit. 

What do you think about the changes I did? Or do you have questions about the process? 

                                                                                    Lots of Love - M.

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