16 August 2013

Dress Me... #1

This summer we have an assignment for school. We have to make a totally styled outfit for ourself.
The outfit has to fashionable and reflect your personality. 

So for my outfit i designed an outfit that is clean and tight, but because it is an outfit for myself, there has to be drama in it, so I assembled little details like a bright color, a dessin (print) and some jewels placed on the fabric.  
Design sketch for the summer assignment for school

For my fabrics I looked around and picked fabrics that totally go with my idea and feeling that 
I want to create.  

From left to right: Fake leather, black cotton that they usually use for costume pants, navy blue satin silk, blue silk bulrush ribbon, black woven wool, silk organza and a mixture of cotton and line (that I colored in this grey with a little pattern). 

I will keep you posted about the process in this segment (Dress me).

    What do you guys think of my design? 

                                                                                    Lots of love - M. 

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