22 September 2013

Out with the old and in with the new...

Coopertation with Claudia Sträter.

For my second week at school we had a special assignment. In the Netherlands there's a fashion company called Claudia Sträter (http://www.claudiastrater.com). They make elegant clothes for ladies between 30 and 60. In the summer they did a campaign that people were possible to bring back some of there old Sträter clothes and get a gift order in return. 
Now we came in. Last year after there campaign was done we went to the Claudia Sträter headquarters and they gave us the opportunity to work on a project with them. From all of the clothes, they got back at the campaign, every student of my class could pick seven pieces. 

The seven pieces I chose and the labels they made for us.

So for the project we had to make a whole new outfit only with the fabric from the seven recycled Claudia Sträter pieces. For Inspiration we could take anything.  

When we were at the headquarters I got the feeling of the 80's. I don't know where it came from but i decided to take that as my inspiration. So I went looking in books and on the internet to 80's clothing. The main thing that is noticed was oversized, eclecticism and sportswear. So with that in my mind I got started. 

After a whole week non-stop working on this project I came out by this oversized grandma coat and the little sport bikini. My vision is a young girl that decides to go to the gym and on her way she picks grandmothers coat for the cold. For me it was a challenge to do something out of the box and out of my style but still me. I really enjoyed this project, and working with Claudia Sträter.

My New Outfit: Everything is made from wool, acrylic or polyester.

I love bringing back the old times but in my modern way. 
And the 80's were fabulous so... 

                                                         Lots of Love - M.

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